Trail Work + Group Ride on Saturday June 1st, National Trails Day

National Trails Day is this Saturday June 1, and despite the drama at the Coralville Lake we are going to continue with this event. We will still have access to parts of the North trails and will continue to maintain them so they are rideable when the lake recedes.

Meet at the beach parking lot at 9AM. We’ll take some vehicles to the grassy area just to the right after the stop sign at the top of the hill. The work area is just inside the timber from there. We’ll be doing prep work on a new 101 trail section and hauling in lumber for a new 16ft long bridge. We’ll also do some mowing and trimming on other sections of 101. 103 could use some mowing and deberming and other drainage work.

Current weather predicts a dry Saturday, but rain through the remainder of the week. The group ride looks iffy unless the rain tapers off toward the end of the week. We’re still planning on refreshments though. The payback for taking care of the trails during the unfolding flooding crisis at the lake is that there will be an awesome ride on 101 when the lake drops back down below 708 feet, probably after June 18 sometime. It’s an inspiring tour of the flooded ravines. Over the past 6 years, ICORR and it’s volunteers have moved the 101 trail further from the lake and built new bridges that were at least 708 feet above sea level. So don’t miss it. We’ve all put in the thinking, planning, and sweating to enjoy that ride.

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