Trail Use Guidelines

Below is a list of trail guidelines to follow while you use the Sugar Bottom Trail System:

1. Ride only on OPEN trails – Trails are closed when soft or muddy conditions exist.

TRAIL STATUS HOTLINE: (319) 626-1160
Please call for detailed trail conditions before riding or visit

NOTE: The signs at the trailhead override both the web site and hotline. Riders on closed trails are subject to fines.

2. ALL TRAILS ARE ONE WAY! Check signs before entering a trail.

3. Helmets are STRONGLY recommended

4. Use of child carriers is NOT recommended.

5. Stay on the trails - Please don’t create shortcuts or bypasses.

6. DO NOT remove logs or other obstacles from the advanced “black” rated trails.

7. The Trail Patrol are there to assist, educate and inform. They will try to answer any questions you may have as well as lend mechanical assistance or call for medical help.

8. Carry out all litter. Do not discard your bottles, wrappers and garbage within the park. Trash cans are available at the pavilion and parking lot.

We hope you enjoy the trails and consider a donation of $1 per ride to help with tool maintenance and materials for the trails such as bridges and signs. (Donation box located at the sign board.)

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